Using the Power of Elastic: 7 Ways on How You Can Train Hard and Effectively Using Resistance Bands

I’ve used weights to train with for many years and still use them in some instances. Nowadays, I stick with elastic resistance bands for training. There are many benefits as to why each person should be using them as part of their overall workout. One of which is that resistance is continuous throughout each movement. In a sense, it mimics functional strength and fitness movements.

Just about anything you can do with weights; you can do with resistance bands. And that’s even more so with certain bands. You can take resistance bands just about anywhere, including vacation spots. Some resistance bands are constructed in such a way that enables one to do more. For example, I use the Gym in a Bag ™ system by Flexsolate™. It’s a gripless system of different strengths of bands. One exercise I am able to do are jumping resistance squats, using the ankle straps. This is just one of many systems in the marketplace. Find the one that suits you.

I’m going to describe 7 ways that will enable you to train hard using bands. It’s important that you know to get the most out of training. Oh, and before we begin. Make sure you use bands that are new. Using an old set make have cracks on them and may snap. You could end up hurting yourself. So, make you also check for any cracks. Replace, if necessary. It’s low cost to do so.

Now on to the 7 ways…

1. Train like a powerlifter. Back in my early days of weight training, I trained using the big three. Those were squats, deadlifts and bench presses. Those three lifts worked every single muscle in my body and built massive strength as well as muscles. With resistance bands, you can emulate those lifts and be safer too. Resistance squats can be done simply by anchoring the bands to your ankles. From there, simply bring the other end around your shoulders and neck down to the other ankle. Now you have resistance. Deadlifts can be done by stepping on the bands and holding on to the grips and then lift up. Resistance pushups can be done by bringing the bands around your back to your hands. Adjust by shortening or lengthening the band(s).

2. Train like an athlete. Resistance bands can be adjusted to simulate each athletic event and make it more sports specific.

3. Train like a bodybuilder. Resistance bands can be used to isolate muscles and focus on building the size of each one. By combining this with the powerlifting training, size will happen fast. Make sure to take in enough protein and carbohydrates.

4. Train to burn fat using circuit training. By using resistance bands, one can do 5-10 different exercises in non-stop sequence to increase their heart rate. This form of high intensity interval training is very effective in burning fat. When doing 2 or more circuits, make sure to rest for 1 minute between them.

5. Train to burn fat using resistance cardio workouts. One example is to anchor one side of the resistance band to a stationary point, such as a doorjamb and the other side to your waist. Then do running in place with resistance.

6. Train like a martial artist. Using resistance bands, you can do kicks as well a punching with added resistance. Not only is this effective for the martial artist or any other fighter, it also is great at burning fat. That’s especially true when doing the movements in fast, short burst with a short rest between them.

7. Train with a partner. This one is obvious. Having a good partner will keep you motivated as you both have goals and will push each other. You can use a partner in each of the previous ways discussed. Motivation and consistency are important in any fitness program. Having a partner will make each accountable to the other.

I wish you success as you venture into using resistance bands as part of your overall fitness routine. It’s great for all areas and can be done anywhere. Even at your place of work or when you are on an airline. I sure did. Have fun too.