Are You Ready for the Big Competitive Exams Like CAT, JEE Etc?

Check your Resolve

Please verify whether you have a deep-rooted resolve to do something Exemplary in your chosen area of study. These exams are not for the ‘also run’ or ‘mediocre’ students. They are meant to select the best of Talent; Are you Ambitious enough

Do you have the fire in your belly to achieve the greatest of recognition.

Thirst for doing something special or innovate in your chosen field. Well if you are not then this is not for you. Are you willing for Hard Preparatory work These exams call for really good standard and the aspirants are expected to put in substantial hours of study in preparing for the tests.

Thorough preparation

As the questions are expected to be difficult, there is no way a student can try to solve it if he /she confronts it for the first time. What I mean is, he should have done enough exercise / preparation to have some familiarity with such type of questions.

Time Management

It is not only important to answer the questions correctly but also to do them within the time span. In case of difficult questions just move over to the next one and continue answering as quickly and as correctly as possible. You can always comeback to re-visit the difficult ones later because there are negative markings for wrong answers.

Social Responsibility

If you are the chosen one to get selected in these examinations, pursue your goal with your whole heart and come out with flying colours. Remember for every one of you selected there were thousands who did not make it and you have no right to fritter away your opportunity. A brilliant person like you can make a lot of contribution to the society. Do not neglect your responsibility by running away to a foreign land for greener pastures deserting your country.

What if you did not make it

It is perfectly alright if you could not get selected by these institutions. Celebrated they may be, they are not the only means to achieve your goals. After all there are very few Einstein’s or Graham Bells in this world and still we go on!. Choose a line that is close to your heart. It is not as much as what you do that is important as how happy you are doing whatever you do. Remember there are several very successful businessmen among us who are Billionaires and they had never been to business school or even college! GO ON! Make your choice and give your heart out!