How to Start Your Article Writing Service

The beginnings of any article writing service are hard, especially if you are not experienced with writing. First, you will have to be published online, and then you must offer affordable articles to your clients. It is important to have your own blog about internet article writing, a blog that also contains some of your samples. This way, possible clients would not be afraid to ask article writing jobs for you, knowing that they are dealing with a professional writer. It is also important to determine the value of your article writing service. It is impossible to receive 10 $/500 words at the beginning of your career, even if you are a master of writing. You will have to start small, and if you are good at it, you will see the value of your article writing business growing.

Publishing your first article

You might create your own blog using free platforms like BlogSpot or WordPress to publish your articles. You will need those not only to create an online name as a writer, but also to publish the failed projects there (and you will have some, believe me). Another method would be to use the services of Share Revenue sites. Don’t expect to get rich from those sites. Some people claim to win hundreds of dollars with those sites, but I was not able to do this. Those writers might be able to win some money from publishing articles there, as I have seen articles on Triond and Bukisa with 25 000 hits per year, and I am sure an article of this kind brings serious incomes. For me, the best income brought by an article published there was… 6 cents a month. However, it is important to publish articles there for various reasons.

– You will be a published author. Clients like the writers that publish online, as it means that the respective writer is passionate about his or hers work. Some of your clients would not even be interested about your samples as long as you can’t show them that you are a published author.
– You will be able to customize your article. Some of those sites have some customizing options, such as the possibility to add links to the article, or to highlight certain words, and even to link them with other articles and blogs.
– Those sites have social networking capabilities, meaning that you will be able to publish your article directly on social networks. It is a great method to obtain feedback from your friends, but also to create a writing community around your article writing service
– You will prevent others from stealing your articles. If you give an original sample to a client, you will risk for that client to steal your sample. As long as it is published, he can’t use it.

The most important writing sites based on the Share revenue concept are Triond, Bukisa, Squidoo, Hub Pages and Helium. It is not the time or the place to describe each one of those sites. Some say that EzineArticles is the best, and they might be right. However, EzineArticles is great if you want visibility for other sites and blogs of yours, not for revenue, as this site does not have a revenue sharing feature. However, you can publish some of your work here, and you can promote your affordable articles this way.

You will find advanced details about those sites on the specialized section on the blog. What matters is to use them for those matters, and who knows? Maybe you will be able to make the hundreds of dollars that I was not able to do with those sites. Moreover, even if you will not get rich from those sites, the satisfaction of seeing your name on one of those sites is immense.

Finding clients

If you have followed those steps, you probably have some articles to promote your internet writing service. Before looking for clients, it is a good idea to write more, on different niches. You already have the guidelines to write on different topics. By covering as many niches as possible, you will not only be able to determine your strong and weak topics, but also to see how many words you can write and what your capacity is. It is an important matter. Even if you like a topic, if a client requests 50 articles in 3 days, you might think you can do it, but if you write one article per hour, simple calculations say it can’t be done. As soon as you have 10 solid articles in your portfolio, it is time to become a published author on the internet, and to increase your popularity as a writer.

Using the Power of Elastic: 7 Ways on How You Can Train Hard and Effectively Using Resistance Bands

I’ve used weights to train with for many years and still use them in some instances. Nowadays, I stick with elastic resistance bands for training. There are many benefits as to why each person should be using them as part of their overall workout. One of which is that resistance is continuous throughout each movement. In a sense, it mimics functional strength and fitness movements.

Just about anything you can do with weights; you can do with resistance bands. And that’s even more so with certain bands. You can take resistance bands just about anywhere, including vacation spots. Some resistance bands are constructed in such a way that enables one to do more. For example, I use the Gym in a Bag ™ system by Flexsolate™. It’s a gripless system of different strengths of bands. One exercise I am able to do are jumping resistance squats, using the ankle straps. This is just one of many systems in the marketplace. Find the one that suits you.

I’m going to describe 7 ways that will enable you to train hard using bands. It’s important that you know to get the most out of training. Oh, and before we begin. Make sure you use bands that are new. Using an old set make have cracks on them and may snap. You could end up hurting yourself. So, make you also check for any cracks. Replace, if necessary. It’s low cost to do so.

Now on to the 7 ways…

1. Train like a powerlifter. Back in my early days of weight training, I trained using the big three. Those were squats, deadlifts and bench presses. Those three lifts worked every single muscle in my body and built massive strength as well as muscles. With resistance bands, you can emulate those lifts and be safer too. Resistance squats can be done simply by anchoring the bands to your ankles. From there, simply bring the other end around your shoulders and neck down to the other ankle. Now you have resistance. Deadlifts can be done by stepping on the bands and holding on to the grips and then lift up. Resistance pushups can be done by bringing the bands around your back to your hands. Adjust by shortening or lengthening the band(s).

2. Train like an athlete. Resistance bands can be adjusted to simulate each athletic event and make it more sports specific.

3. Train like a bodybuilder. Resistance bands can be used to isolate muscles and focus on building the size of each one. By combining this with the powerlifting training, size will happen fast. Make sure to take in enough protein and carbohydrates.

4. Train to burn fat using circuit training. By using resistance bands, one can do 5-10 different exercises in non-stop sequence to increase their heart rate. This form of high intensity interval training is very effective in burning fat. When doing 2 or more circuits, make sure to rest for 1 minute between them.

5. Train to burn fat using resistance cardio workouts. One example is to anchor one side of the resistance band to a stationary point, such as a doorjamb and the other side to your waist. Then do running in place with resistance.

6. Train like a martial artist. Using resistance bands, you can do kicks as well a punching with added resistance. Not only is this effective for the martial artist or any other fighter, it also is great at burning fat. That’s especially true when doing the movements in fast, short burst with a short rest between them.

7. Train with a partner. This one is obvious. Having a good partner will keep you motivated as you both have goals and will push each other. You can use a partner in each of the previous ways discussed. Motivation and consistency are important in any fitness program. Having a partner will make each accountable to the other.

I wish you success as you venture into using resistance bands as part of your overall fitness routine. It’s great for all areas and can be done anywhere. Even at your place of work or when you are on an airline. I sure did. Have fun too.

Choosing the Best Physical Therapy Schools

Physical therapy is growing rapidly these days and many people are joining this career. It deals with helping patients who want to recover from physical body damage. If you want to help these patients, you need to enroll into the best physical therapy schools in your state or online. To succeed in your endeavors you need to start by choosing the best schools and also decide to study for a masters or doctorate degree. This is because physical treatment is not an easy career to pursue, but it can also be fulfilling and interesting. There are several things that you should think about before you contemplate which physical therapy schools that will mold you for a better chance to succeed in the industry.

First and foremost, to get to the best therapy institution you need to research painstakingly. Through thorough research, you will be able to know the specialization that you should pursue as a physical therapist. This search will also help you know what the state requires and what the market has for you. It will also guide you to a list of the available schools that you should join and the requirements of each and the schools training background and much more. You can get this information from websites or get referrals from family members, friends or students who have been to these schools.

Secondly, you need to decide on whether to join accredited or unaccredited schools. It is advisable for one to study in accredited schools. This is because a diploma or degree from unaccredited institutions will not open great employment opportunities. Location of the institution is also imperative. You need to join an institution that is close to you as you will have enough time and energy to reach the schools and also have time to study but not spend it commuting. Alternatively, you can enroll to online schools and start studying physical treatment from the comfort of home, office or when traveling.

Additionally, you should also know the available physical therapy courses that are available for you. You should make sure that you specialize in a course that will make it easier for you to get employment. Some of the physical therapy programs to join are orthopedic, pediatric, geriatric therapy and more. Lastly, you should not fail to look at the cost of studying. You should thus join physical therapy schools that offer their courses at affordable prices although they vary from one school to another.

How to Learn to Speak Spanish in No Time

How to learn to speak Spanish in no time? Is it possible to learn Spanish in a few months? If so, how to do it? If you are asking yourself these questions, this article is for you. I’m going to show you some simple methods that will help you do it. Here they are!

1. Concentrate on the most important things

What do you want to do with Spanish? If you want to use it to interact with native speakers, what things are the most important for you? Some simple ideas: basic grammar, words related to your interests, your accent (pronunciation and intonation rules). You should also always learn the most common words: 2000 or 3000 most common words will tremendously help you speak Spanish quickly.

2. Make it fun and practice daily

Have fun while learning Spanish – it’s one of the most important things to do! Learning from handbooks or taking classes usually isn’t very fun and that’s why it’s so hard to learn Spanish in school. How can you have fun while learning Spanish? It’s simple: start living through it. You can watch Spanish movies, listen to Spanish music, watch Spanish TV or interact on Spanish message boards about your interests.

3. Interact with native Spanish speakers

If you live in the United States, you should know that there are about 35 million Spanish speakers there. I’m sure that you can find some native Spanish speakers in your area and practice with them. If not, travel to Mexico with a cheap airline and practice there!

Put these tips to use and I’m sure that you’ll learn to speak Spanish in no time! Really, you don’t have to be a genius to learn a new language, and Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn for native English speakers (because it’s very similar in terms of vocabulary).

Are You Ready for the Big Competitive Exams Like CAT, JEE Etc?

Check your Resolve

Please verify whether you have a deep-rooted resolve to do something Exemplary in your chosen area of study. These exams are not for the ‘also run’ or ‘mediocre’ students. They are meant to select the best of Talent; Are you Ambitious enough

Do you have the fire in your belly to achieve the greatest of recognition.

Thirst for doing something special or innovate in your chosen field. Well if you are not then this is not for you. Are you willing for Hard Preparatory work These exams call for really good standard and the aspirants are expected to put in substantial hours of study in preparing for the tests.

Thorough preparation

As the questions are expected to be difficult, there is no way a student can try to solve it if he /she confronts it for the first time. What I mean is, he should have done enough exercise / preparation to have some familiarity with such type of questions.

Time Management

It is not only important to answer the questions correctly but also to do them within the time span. In case of difficult questions just move over to the next one and continue answering as quickly and as correctly as possible. You can always comeback to re-visit the difficult ones later because there are negative markings for wrong answers.

Social Responsibility

If you are the chosen one to get selected in these examinations, pursue your goal with your whole heart and come out with flying colours. Remember for every one of you selected there were thousands who did not make it and you have no right to fritter away your opportunity. A brilliant person like you can make a lot of contribution to the society. Do not neglect your responsibility by running away to a foreign land for greener pastures deserting your country.

What if you did not make it

It is perfectly alright if you could not get selected by these institutions. Celebrated they may be, they are not the only means to achieve your goals. After all there are very few Einstein’s or Graham Bells in this world and still we go on!. Choose a line that is close to your heart. It is not as much as what you do that is important as how happy you are doing whatever you do. Remember there are several very successful businessmen among us who are Billionaires and they had never been to business school or even college! GO ON! Make your choice and give your heart out!

Educational Marketing: Educate Your (Potential) Customers

… so when they are ready to buy, they will contact you.

You may have excellent products and services, but people are tired of promotional messages. How can you still let the world know about your exceptional offering?

Educational Marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach this tough audience.

The idea behind Educational Marketing is quite simple: say something useful (i.e. informative) to your listener and she will open up and start paying attention to what you have to offer. Educate prospects so they buy from you when they are ready and inform others.

With Educational Marketing, you publish education-based materials (in all forms of media you use to communicate with your prospects) rather than focusing solely on publicity or ‘buy my product’ messages. For example, when you go to a trade show, your approach would be: ‘Okay, you have this problem and you can solve it this way. And by the way, my product does XYZ.’

Apply this tactic to your business!

As a partner in a law firm, you could publish articles in which you present cases you have handled, what happened and why, and also what could have happened had the parties acted differently. This is interesting and educational for your audience, while you are seen as an expert in your field and the person to go to when people need legal advice. (And of course, this strategy reminds people that it’s better to use the services of a lawyer than to do things on the fly and end up in a disaster.)

You might even raise awareness in your community about a front-page social problem and get involved pro bono in solving it. Constantly running social responsibility programs along this line would not only give everybody in the community a positive feeling about your brand, but also make your employees feel good about themselves and their firm. Alternatively,

Educational Marketing also enables you to inform your customers in a way that bolsters your brand and the perception of its quality. For example, if you run a restaurant, you could incorporate educational content in your menu. Stun your guests with the premium ingredients you use in your salad, the special qualities of the sesame oil in your seafood or the fascinating history of your finest wine. Once impressed, your guests are more likely to happily pay the price for more expensive products.

Education-based messages:

– increase the power of your brand in the eyes of your customers, potential customers, or people who can recommend your offering;

– build top-of-mind awareness (when people want to buy what you offer, they will immediately think of you / your company);

– help you and your business become an authority in your field – so you become the preferred choice without people ever questioning why;

– attract more clients, as well as enthused fans (who buy from you and recommend you to others).

Use any communication channel you can, such as mailings, newsletters, regular client surveys, public relations (PR), trade shows, awards ceremonies, industry seminars for the benefit of your clients, trade associations and internet.

Write down in comments which educational marketing strategies you use and get inspired by others’ ideas! Also, test your marketing using Marketing Lens Diagnosis and use our ideas in your business!

Importance of Starting IT Training Courses

In present time of cut throat competition IT training courses are playing an important role in shaping the careers of various IT professionals. Let’s have a closer look at the importance of these courses.

Since the invention of web, the IT sector has seen the unprecedented growth. There is a cut throat competition in this field and this competition demands the well trained IT professionals. To maintain the edge IT professionals constantly needs to update themselves about the latest softwares and technologies that throng the market on a daily basis. Even if one wants to make a career in IT sector from scratch then the IT training courses is quite important.

For such professionals IT training courses are the answer. If you have the required training and qualification then it gives you a head start and you can easily make a mark in the IT sector. If you have done the training then you feel secure in your job. This will replace your worries of being replaced by somebody else with a sense of security and you will be able to completely concentrate on your job. As you would be armed with the latest technologies then your position and status in your organization will also rise.

In the recent times when the big economic giants are falling down and share markets are shedding the points by tons on daily basis, IT sector has emerged as one sector which is recession proof. The average earnings of the IT professionals are still above the average and one of the highest in the market. This is because of the reason that all the big corporations like IBM, Cisco, and Microsoft etc are inventing the newer technologies and IT is entering into every walk of life. These newer technologies require new talent which is armed with the knowledge about them. So this increases the opportunities for everybody to go for the professional IT training courses which might help you in landing up with the high paying jobs.

If there are still some doubts lingering in your mind about the job availability in the IT sector then you can pick up any of the employment newspaper or visit any of the online job portals. A little research will show you that the IT sector jobs outnumber the other sectors by quite a distance. To acquire these jobs you need to have the proper knowledge which you can get by joining one of the many reputed IT training courses. These courses will equip you with all the information in your chosen field. In addition, the curriculum of these courses is updated on the regular basis as the technologies are moving forward.

In these courses the aspirants are given hands on experience while working on the live projects along with the theoretical knowledge. If you perform exceptional in these live projects then there are good chances that you will be absorbed into that project. Before choosing a course you should do a proper research about its credentials. For this the people who have already done the courses are the best ones. Get to know about what you will be taught and is that compatible with what you want to achieve in the IT field. If you find the right kind of IT training courses then the success is not far away from you.

In an Economy Rocked by a Downturn, What’s a Parent of a College Student to Do?

So What’s a Parent of a College Student to Do?

You still have Five Choices.

Most of us that got caught in the crunch of the recent economic nose dive have adjusted to the loss by settling in to wait for the market to recover. So, we wait for the next up swing bit we are talking several years.

If you are the parent of a college student or a high school junior or senior, you are probably scrambling trying to figure out what you are going to do. This is not how you planned it and your student is not going to want to wait a couple years.

Parents have been squirreling away money, investing in their child’s future by saving for their college education. In a short amount of time, the nest egg shrank.

These are the options that I see:

1. Community College. This is the best option. The student can always transfer later to the Ivy League School or the Big Name University after earning their required courses at the community college. The student will be more mature. They will learn all their lessons about attending class and being responsible without burning through a lot of money. The student can also live at home. Living expenses are 50% of the college expenses.

2. Trade Schools. Learn skills that can combine well with a college degree later. Your student may have a talent that can be developed quickly. I have known kids that went through a Beauty Academy and then cut hair when they went away to school. Boys that got apprenticeships in construction and then later got their engineering degree.

3. The student can work. College may look different but the degree is the same and the student will actually have more marketable skills when they graduate. They were entrepreneurial. Some kids do laundry for students; they baby-sit for professional families in the community. If they want the degree, they will find a way.

4. Join the Military. The military still remains a good option for some students. The experience and the maturity that a young adult has when they complete their military career is real. The benefits are great for pursuing education and skills training.

5. You can pretend that everything is okay and miss the opportunity to teach your child that there are always ups and downs. This is an important life skill. We always need a plan B.

Do not lose site of the goal. If your child wants that college degree, they will get it. Parents do a disservice by not being completely honest with their children. The depression happened. 9/11 happened. None of us plan for these kinds of events but we always survive them and come out stronger.

Online Business Coach – The Top 3 Traits to Look For in a Coach For Your Online Business

Could you imagine a football team without a coach? How about a student without a teacher? Maybe a business owner with no training? Of course not! The team, the student, and the business would all fail. But so many people start their online business with no training, no support, and no encouragement. That is why the great majority of online businesses fail. When you start to look for someone to coach you in your online business, what should you look for in that person?

#1: Someone Who Started Where You Are

The online business coach you choose should be able to relate to you. If he or she cannot relate to you and where you are in life, then you will have a hard time applying their advice because they don’t know where you are coming from. For example, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your business, you need to find a coach that started their business with little money. Using an online business coach that started with 2-3 financial backers is not going to help you much.

Trait #2: Someone Who Wants To Help You

All right, let’s not fool ourselves here. Any online business coach is going to charge money for their coaching. It is how they make their living. But you should find a coach that not only wants to make a living, but also wants to help you. It is easy to spot the difference.

Take for example the coach of a high-school team. You don’t have to be around a coach very long to determine if he or she is interested in helping the. If the coach is yelling, berating, and downgrading the players and talking about how tough his job is, chances are good that the coach is in it for himself. But if the coach has patience, helps the kids, and congratulates them on a good job, then the coach’s true desire is to help.

The same is true for an online business coach. If someone wants you to pay them before they help you at all, they are in it for themselves. If they are willing to listen to you and your needs before they ask for money, then you have found a winner.

Trait #3: Someone Who Actually Teaches

Many online business coaches talk a big game, but when it comes to actually showing you what to do and how to do it, they get lost. They can speak from a theoretical point of view, but since they have never started an online business from scratch, they don’t know the nitty-gritty details. Stay away from this type of coach – they can’t help you.

The proper online business coach can help you tremendously. Since the online business market is so ultra-competitive, many people are turning to a coach for online business success. Be sure you get the right kind of coach, and do your research before you pay them a dime.

Career Portfolios – What it is and How it Can Help Land Jobs

A career portfolio provides prospective employers with a tangible sample of accomplishments acquired across an individual’s employment life. Presenting a well prepared portfolio during an interview enhances a job candidate’s professionalism, and provides evidence of stated achievements.


Educational items included in a career portfolio must support the job seeker’s candidacy for a given position. Include such items as awards, diplomas, transcripts, and internships, to name a few. Be prepared prior to the interview, and have all documents compiled neatly.

Professional Activities

Joining networking groups or professional associations outside of work can compliment employment skills. The individual should focus on including information about the organizations he or she is currently participating in, and any leadership positions held.

Work-Related Activities

Including work-related information in the career portfolio is the most important element. Make sure the resume is well-designed and the references provided are up to date. Job seekers should include copies of any professional licenses and certifications in this section of the portfolio.

Volunteer or Community Activities

Job seekers who regularly volunteer or engage in the community, set themselves apart from a large portion of their job market competition. When offering service to any organization, always ask for a reference. Data to be included in the career portfolio include such items as certificates of participation, photos of community events involved in, and special merits received.


There are three main benefits to creating and using a career portfolio. First of all, it allows the individual to assess his or her career goals, and make adjustments as necessary. Secondly, the portfolio is the most effective means to display skills, abilities and aptitudes, in a visual manner. Third, the career portfolio serves as a record of the individual’s personal and professional accomplishments.

Creating an On-Line Career Portfolio

All of the information to be included in a traditional career portfolio can be uploaded to your personal domain, and made in to an on-line portfolio. To get this process started, choose whether or not the task will be handled by a professional, or whether to take the “do-it-yourself” approach. The next step is to purchase a domain name, and find a reputable hosting service. Finally, it’s time to upload all of your documents, pictures, and information, to be fully accessible by prospective employers and any other colleagues you choose to give access to.