How to Start Your Article Writing Service

The beginnings of any article writing service are hard, especially if you are not experienced with writing. First, you will have to be published online, and then you must offer affordable articles to your clients. It is important to have your own blog about internet article writing, a blog that also contains some of your samples. This way, possible clients would not be afraid to ask article writing jobs for you, knowing that they are dealing with a professional writer. It is also important to determine the value of your article writing service. It is impossible to receive 10 $/500 words at the beginning of your career, even if you are a master of writing. You will have to start small, and if you are good at it, you will see the value of your article writing business growing.

Publishing your first article

You might create your own blog using free platforms like BlogSpot or WordPress to publish your articles. You will need those not only to create an online name as a writer, but also to publish the failed projects there (and you will have some, believe me). Another method would be to use the services of Share Revenue sites. Don’t expect to get rich from those sites. Some people claim to win hundreds of dollars with those sites, but I was not able to do this. Those writers might be able to win some money from publishing articles there, as I have seen articles on Triond and Bukisa with 25 000 hits per year, and I am sure an article of this kind brings serious incomes. For me, the best income brought by an article published there was… 6 cents a month. However, it is important to publish articles there for various reasons.

– You will be a published author. Clients like the writers that publish online, as it means that the respective writer is passionate about his or hers work. Some of your clients would not even be interested about your samples as long as you can’t show them that you are a published author.
– You will be able to customize your article. Some of those sites have some customizing options, such as the possibility to add links to the article, or to highlight certain words, and even to link them with other articles and blogs.
– Those sites have social networking capabilities, meaning that you will be able to publish your article directly on social networks. It is a great method to obtain feedback from your friends, but also to create a writing community around your article writing service
– You will prevent others from stealing your articles. If you give an original sample to a client, you will risk for that client to steal your sample. As long as it is published, he can’t use it.

The most important writing sites based on the Share revenue concept are Triond, Bukisa, Squidoo, Hub Pages and Helium. It is not the time or the place to describe each one of those sites. Some say that EzineArticles is the best, and they might be right. However, EzineArticles is great if you want visibility for other sites and blogs of yours, not for revenue, as this site does not have a revenue sharing feature. However, you can publish some of your work here, and you can promote your affordable articles this way.

You will find advanced details about those sites on the specialized section on the blog. What matters is to use them for those matters, and who knows? Maybe you will be able to make the hundreds of dollars that I was not able to do with those sites. Moreover, even if you will not get rich from those sites, the satisfaction of seeing your name on one of those sites is immense.

Finding clients

If you have followed those steps, you probably have some articles to promote your internet writing service. Before looking for clients, it is a good idea to write more, on different niches. You already have the guidelines to write on different topics. By covering as many niches as possible, you will not only be able to determine your strong and weak topics, but also to see how many words you can write and what your capacity is. It is an important matter. Even if you like a topic, if a client requests 50 articles in 3 days, you might think you can do it, but if you write one article per hour, simple calculations say it can’t be done. As soon as you have 10 solid articles in your portfolio, it is time to become a published author on the internet, and to increase your popularity as a writer.